About Us


Argentine Association of Musical Instrument Makers

The Argentine Association of Musical Instrument Makers is a non-profit institution. Its central aim is to do outreach related to our profession, the construction, repair, and restoration of musical instruments. The institution, relatively recently established, began out of the “Luthiers Argentinos” group formed by 20 artisans in Buenos Aires in 1999. This team’s work gave birth to the first collective exhibition of musical instruments, named “Luthería en Buenos Aires”. It was held at the Borges Cultural Center and was supported by various sponsors. It also received important media support, which greatly increased its public visibility in many ways. Since then, “Luthería en Buenos Aires” has settled in the annual cultural schedule of the city, taking place every spring. Currently the association has more than 130 members from all around the country, and develops several activities and projects over the course of the year. Besides “Luthería in Buenos Aires”, the annual exhibition the Association produces, it supports and participates in other important exhibitions such as “Artesanos del Sonido” (Sound handcraftsmen), “Salón de la guitarra de Avellaneda” (Avellaneda Guitar Salon) and other annual events. A project still in its early stages is the planned “Paseo de Instrumentos Musicales”, the first promenade of instrument makers in Argentina with open workshops, school, library and sale stalls, for which we have already applied to the National Secretary of Culture of Argentina. Other future projects include a catalogue of Argentine musical instrument makers, the publishing of a periodical magazine/guide, and eventually our own building where seminars, specialized talks, and lessons for amateurs and professionals, will be given. Anyone interested in handmade musical instruments can join this association. Although the category of “active members” is limited to instrument makers who participate in the activities carried out by the association, those who are fond of music and musical instruments, as well as instrument making apprentices, can join the Association as an “associate member.” The association is always open, and it supports any contribution of its members who want to organize events, talks, exhibitions, and meetings of luthiers and instruments makers.